With Toppik you will be able to obtain an exceptional thickening effect on your hair in just a few moments.

Toppik è costituito da fibre di cheratina naturare caricate elettrostaticamente. Le fibre si legano in modo istantaneo ai capelli rendendo la vostra capigliatura più folta e più piena anche in caso di forte vento, pioggia e attività sportiva (incluso il nuoto).

Step 1

The hair must be perfectly dry to allow the microfibres to bind electrostatically to the hair shaft.

Step 2

Drop the powder from a height of 20-30cm. over the head, tapping the bottle gently and distributing it evenly over the affected area.

Step 3

Comb your hair and remove excess powder.

Step 4

Spray a little spray fixer if you want to increase the hold of the microfibres on the hair shaft.

Step 5

Within moments, thousands of keratin microfibers will bond to your hair.